Let’s go to Lodz

Most people ask “why? it’s not a beautiful city” when they hear about Lodz.

What is Lodz? Where is this place?

It’s the third largest city in Poland that is located in the central part of the country.

There you can find many things that are unique in the world, such as:

  1. Piotrkowska Street – the longest commercial street in the world (around 5km). Anyway, on this street, you can see many pieces of art, such as monuments, statues, and paintings – it’s amazing.
  2. it had one of the best museums of modern art in Poland.(if you are into arts – got for it, you’ll not regret)
  1. Manufaktura- one of the biggest shopping malls in Poland that before was a textile factory complex. It’s huge. Plus, there usually in the yard of the mall are many exhibitions. When I was there, I witnessed an exhibition with hundreds of Polish typical cars.
  1. Jewish Cemetery is the largest Jewish cemetery in Europe.

And if you just walk in the city, you can find many mural paintings on different buildings. Some were disgusting for me, but in general, it’s interesting.

Also, you’ll see many factories that right now are in the reconstruction process.

Big thank you to Emilio, my companion for this short trip.

IMG_9371 IMG_9378 IMG_9394 IMG_9415IMG_9452IMG_9405 IMG_9409   IMG_9480 IMG_9460 IMG_9463 IMG_9457IMG_9466  IMG_9473 IMG_9478  IMG_9488 IMG_9494 IMG_9505IMG_9547IMG_9501IMG_9467  IMG_9507 IMG_9514 IMG_9526 IMG_9532   IMG_9559 IMG_9564 IMG_9556IMG_9575 IMG_9586  IMG_9620IMG_9601 IMG_9611  IMG_9595IMG_9629 IMG_9647 IMG_9674 IMG_9695 IMG_9712

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