Prague Getaway

Chances are for taking them. That is exactly what we did in August 2013, during my EVS project in Poland. After 3 days at Woodstock, we returned to Leszno and said, ” let’s buy tickets for Prague for tomorrow morning”. So, we did it. The next day we left early in the morning for the train to Wroclaw, from where we had Polski bus to Prague.

It was a spontaneous decision, so we didn’t plan too much. But it hit us that is the beginning of August, and there were many tourists – we couldn’t find a hostel. Stressed? Happy? Confused? No way. All we needed was rain. It came, actually.

We managed to find a hostel, to have fun and collect amazing memories to keep in our hearts and shelves.

Thank you for the beautiful moments with Ambrogio, Miguel, Filipe, Ebru, and Emilio.

IMG_7274 IMG_7389 IMG_7609IMG_7792IMG_7714IMG_7574IMG_7720IMG_7740IMG_7927

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