Weekend getaway to Bucharest

After two months working without any break or vacation, it was time to chill out a bit. Decision to visit Bucharest was prompt, and I am satisfied with this attitude. Together with my cousin, we packed our backpacks and went for a weekend adventure.

There is such shame that I have never managed to visit any cities from Romania, as I live in the neighbourhood.

On Friday evening, around 23:00 we left and on Saturday around 7am we were in Bucharest. During those two days we managed to walk around 50 km. Visiting parks with lakes, three of them, was the best decision as outside the temperature was passing  35 degrees.

Bucharest wasn’t just a random city that I decided to visit, even though the decision to go somewhere was prompt. Bucharest was a reason to visit an old friend  which recently moved over there. So – catching two rabbits in the same time is always a good idea.

Going back? Hmm, maybe not so soon. Capitals are not for this little lady (me), so, once is enough.

IMG_9211 IMG_9314 IMG_9320 IMG_9280IMG_9235IMG_9364 IMG_9369 IMG_9486   IMG_9311

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