Italy 2015 through Nexus5 lens

Summer 2015 was very memorable as I spend it with amazing people.

I started and finished summer with trips to Italy, Milan area and Basilicata region. There, I met so many people that became very important to my heart and also, very inspiring from who I’ve learnt that I was missing before. But for these touching words there should be another post. Ha.

Whenever I plan to go somewhere, I always google it (as a typical tourist) and see all those pictures that are impressing me and motivates me to go the exact place and take a photo of the exact moment. But, wait a minute. Isn’t the internet full with the same photo (of a city, building, etc. ) but from different lenses? Well, I decided to turn around a bit and see everything in a different way and take photos that wouldn’t tell me that “oh, this is Milan” or “oo, this is Rome”. I hope I’ve managed to do that.

Anyway, here are some moments captured with my phone within these trips.


Published by Irinelu Iacoban

Moldoveancă. Rătăcitoare. Pasăre călătoare.

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