How it started

We are back!

I guess this is the first thing that we should say before even starting telling you about everything. If it is confusing, then keep reading. Soon the unknowledgeable clouds will disappear.

We are two soul mates travelers that met late in this life. We wish we found each other sooner. But we make sure to live and enjoy every moment.Since we met, there was a crazy idea to go hiking for a month or travel somewhere for a long term, but because both of us were caught up with work and some individual short trips somehow it was impossible to organize anything.

Autumn 2015 was indeed a gray stripe in our lives and the dream trip seemed as a perfect escape from everything.

In the end of November, while drinking some tea, we had a decisional conversation:

“-Let’s go somewhere in January, maybe Poland?

-I quite like this idea!”

This is how we finally decided to do this. At first, there was an idea of a week in Poland, just few cities and back home. After making some research on different favorable transport connections, there was the final idea of the trip: one month-3 countries-two backpacks.

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Our idea of traveling together was not ending with one journey. This is why we decided to create a page on facebook where we could share “live” moments with our friends.

One more thing worth mentioning is the fact that we partially planed this journey in the term that we wanted to see some specific places. We like to be flexible with planned points. Ironic.

Within this blog we will share our “Find Yourself Trip” experience, tips about each city we visited and will reveal more details of the goal and objective of the trip.

Find Yourself Trip – 3.01-2.02.2016

Three countries, 12 cities. Total budget: 841 euro

First destination was Lviv. Wait this is for another post. Oh, you already know the first destination.

Stay updated.






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