Story I: unexpected hitchhiker

I am writing about this story because it is in my head the second day and I can’t get it out.

Yesterday, after doing some things in the city, meeting up with my girl friends and after a nice dinner, we were headed home. we took the same route and when almost got into the parking lot near the building we are living in, there was an old man, maybe in his 60s, stopped in the middle of the way, keeping the balance with an walking stick.

We couldn’t go further, but that was ok. In few seconds he approached us and asked about “Poşta Veche” which is a city district from Chişinău. He was quite drunk and massive. He was mumbling something about where he needed to go.

We decided to give him a lift to the place he was talking about, even though we didn’t know where was it. Helped him to get into the car and drove away. Somehow we found the place, but all the way there he was telling us about  how he got where we met him, about his life and about our crazy drivers.

He didn’t tell us his name, but he told us that all his life he was working as a driver and often was driving to Odessa with his boss. But few years ago he got injured. A car hit him on a pedestrian crossing. And now he barely can walk.

He was very thankful what we helped him and called us “auraş/of gold”, and in the end gave us some tips for the road.

All of this took around 25 minutes. And I am still surprise of how life can play with you.

Take care of yourselves, boys and girls.




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