A trip to Bulgaria, November 2015

Last November I had the opportunity to discover the neighborhood of Moldova. I know that Bulgaria is not a neighbor with adjoining border, but both Moldova and Bulgaria are in the South-Eastern Europe.

I’ve got this opportunity primarily because of my involvement in Y-PEER Moldova.

If you never heard about Y-PEER network, here is some information. Y-PEER stands for Youth Peer Education Network and in 2002 it became a global network (in 54 countries) because of motivated young people and UNFPA. The network aims to promote healthy life style and Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) for all through peer education.

Since 2012 I am a member of this family.

After applying for the training that the regional office was organizing (PETRI-Sofia) and being selected, it was time to get ready for a new experience. Our national network was represented by two people, Leo, my colleague, and I.

Annual PETRI – Sofia Training School on Project Development and Management, Training of Trainers and Theatre-Based Techniques in Peer Education for Roma Communities 2015” in Borovets, Bulgaria.

Project Development and Management Team

At this training we met 57 young people between 16 and 30 years old from 18 countries from Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

The Annual School had three modules: “Project Development and Management”, the one that I was involved in, “Training of Trainers” where Leo was involved in and “Theatre-Based Techniques in Peer Education for Roma Communities”. The last module was specific for Balkan countries, this is why Moldova didn’t need a representative.

The trainers in the different modules were professionals with rich experience in the topics from Bulgaria, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Kosovo, Macedonia and US.

The PDM (Project Development and Management) module was hard for me. Our aim was to develop a project for our region on a local issue by the end of the week. Basically, there was a lot of theory, work and no fun (of course we had fun).  The other two modules were informative and with a lot of fun.

Our group was split in smaller groups and I was working with young people from Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and Turkey. Our project was about youth involvement in civil life of Turkmenistan. No one from our team was from Turkmenistan and it was challenging to develop this project. But we did it and in the end our project looked like a master piece. Nailed it in 5 days.

Apart from working, the organizers planned a trip for all participants in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.

The most fun in Sofia for me was meeting my friend, Alex, that I met in Potenza (there is a post about Potenza too).


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