The first Sunday of April

What a day!

Everything started with the sun rising up in the morning. Today people from Moldova have enjoyed sunshine, trees in blossom and a clean, blue sky. Besides cars engine and people talking there was a sound that I have missed so much which is the birds’ chirping.

I used to live near the forest for 19 years, like an outlaw and birds were my sweet music. But now, in a big city, it is very hard to find this sound and today it finally happened.

Left the house around 10am and went to see what Chisinau prepared for me today.

Until 1pm I was involved in an event but afterwards I’ve managed to set up a meeting with my girl friends.

The meeting place was Asachi, and if you are familiar with Chisinau then you know what I  am talking about. Basically if you are at Asachi during this kind of weather then you have a chance to see people that you haven’t seen within a season or more. Asachi connects people. The best part of the day was chilling with my 2 girl friends, Lilia and Nata.

We got to chill on a grassy spot surrounded by blossomed trees, also had a mini photo session and a picnic with sandwiches.

Oh, and there is the part where we called the police about a few traffic irregularities.

I will finish on this beautiful note and  go to sleep.




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