My Fan Club

It has been around 9 months since I dyed my hair with my favorite color: green.

At the moment it should be a shade of turquoise but it is pretty messed up.

For a while I’ve got many compliments from different people about how green fits my eyes (also green) and my face (not green). The most recent one was today when a guy said “it was you who brought the spring”. It is very pleasant to hear beautiful words.

Recently, I discovered that I have a fan club based on humans’ reaction on my hair. It is a club of girls between 5-10 years old. This is so cute and adorable.

Usually I walk with headphones and it’s unknown for me what is happening around. One day I was headphones free and close to the entrance of the house some girls were playing. In the moment when I approached them, all I could hear was “oh my God, girls! Look, green hair! I like it very much.” This moment was so cute. After a while I went outside again and the girls were still playing and immediately they approached me and started asking me if it is my natural color and there were affirmation that they want to have green hair too. This went for around 10 minutes.

Being headphones free, I started to hear kids’ reaction.

This is how I found my fan club.

There is no fan club, it’s just a joke.

But kids are still talking when I cross their path.

Song of the week over here.


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