Odessa Through Nexus5 Lens

April is beautiful and warm. It is very sad to stay home on the weekend with +27 C outside. A spontaneous idea occurred to us on a late Saturday evening, to go to the seaside. The closest one being around 3 hours away, in Odessa, Ukraine. We really love our spontaneity.

On Sunday morning we packed essentials for a day trip and vjjjj to Odessa.

What to see in Odessa

The heart of Odessa is considered to be the Deribasovskaya Street, which is a pedestrian walkway with the length of 950 m. This street is full of cafes, coffee places and almost all of these places have terraces. Near the terraces you might find cats sleeping and chilling.

We decided to have a coffee at Kompot as its rating and feedback on foursquare is attractive. We like the style of this place. Recommended.

You must go up on Potemkin Steps to enjoy a beautiful view of the sea and the port. You might climb 192 steps for the pleasure of the view.

A nice place to chill is the Teatralnaya Square. There you will find the Opera house with a fascinating architecture, a fountain and a nice green place to lay down.

Other places to see: the port, the beach and the dolphinarium Nemo.

One more place to have a yummy meal at is Kak esti café. We recommend the Ukranian borsh, the Caesar salad (they bring you a big portion) and homemade wine.

Adventure on the road

It took us around 3 hours from Chisinau to Odessa with a short stay at the border checkpoints.

Chisinau-Palanca: ~2h


I would say that most of our roads are horrible because we don’t know how to make them right. From Chisinau to Palanca (Moldova’s border checkpoint) 80% of the road was really good. No complains here. After Palanca our nightmare began. In real life it was one hour, but in our vision it felt like forever just because of the holes on the road. There were so many holes in the asphalt that it was impossible to avoid any. On the way back we faced the same story.

Here is where it gets interesting. We lost 2 hours of our lives waiting in the queue at the Ukrainian border. It happened because just one man was checking the passports and they couldn’t allow too many people on the territory of the checkpoint. Not thank you. And the entrance to this checkpoint was horrifying as there were were huge holes.

If you want to see Odessa, then we totally recommend it for a whole weekend.

This is how I saw Odessa through my Nexus 5 Lens:


More about Odessa trip you might find in here.

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