Photo-post of intercultural trip to Switzerland


It’s been one year since my trip to Switzerland.

No, I would never go Switzerland to enjoy the view just because I have too much  free time. Excuse me, but the prices in there are like “whooo-hoo” and moldavian salaries are like “buuu-huu”. Thanks to an intercultural exchange for children, I had the opportunity to go there as a facilitator or how my friend, Olea, says “falicitator”.

40 children (13-14 years old), 6 falicitators and 2 drivers on the way to Trogen from Chisinau with an adventure ahead that none of them are expecting for.

First stop: Budapest, Hungary

A day in Budapest was not enough, for sure. It was nice to have a walk and to discover sides of the city with every step we took.

Next stop: Switzerland

The base where we stayed was in Trogen (northeastern part of the country), a little village with a beautiful view of the green land, close to a town called Saint Gallen. I like the location very much as I prefer quiet and small places to live/stay.

p.s. Be careful of the electric wire-fence for animals. The fence is working. Already tested it.

We managed to see more places in Switzerland as: Lucerne, Säntis mountain, Appenzell, Saint Gallen and Konstanz (Germany).


Last stop: Vienna, Austria

After two weeks all of us were so tired that Vienna was a blurred city. Anyway, I managed to meet a friend of mine, to eat ice-cream (not an ice-cream lover), to drink beer, eat schnitzel, to visit torture museum, etc.


I finish this post with a beautiful song. You might find it here .

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