Kingdom of Jordan: my first trip to Middle East

The heat is burning every cell of my body but imagine: a landscape full of sand, full of yellow and a deep blue sky; at the horizon you see an orange shining but it is not very clear, it is a dusty orange. This is a landscape of Jordan and a dusty breathtaking sunset.


It was flooding in Chisinau and taking a plane to Jordan was the only solution at the moment. If only I had the chance, I would have stayed in Jordan for more time but this visit was more of a work trip.

Basically all started with leaving the house at 4 am, but before that I went to sleep at 3 am- sweet. Half dead Iacoban was in the airport trying not to fall asleep somewhere on the way to the gate. I made it and very proud of myself, but I need to mention that it was the longest flight I have ever had: Chisinau-Bucharest-Istanbul-Amman (on the way back had the same route).

When finally arrived at the Amman airport I just wanted to take my luggage and grab a taxi and to the hotel. But wait, my luggage was missing. It was still in Chisinau while I was God knows where. From that moment on I felt like a lost puppy with no home, I mean I had a hotel reservation but there is a saying “Home is where your luggage is” – if you don’t believe me then please, try to lose your baggage. I feel so blessed that I managed to take some pieces of clothing in my backpack – literally. My home found me only after 45 hours and my bottle of wine was still whole.


On the way to the hotel, together with some colleagues from Y-PEER we grabbed a taxi which surprisingly was very luxurious, clean and the driver was very friendly even if he was speaking few words in English. At one point he stopped by a small building where he bought cardamom coffee for us. This coffee is absolutely amazing. The taste and smell seduced me from the first moment I got the cup in my hands. This is why I bought some cardamom coffee on the way back to Moldova.

Our accommodation was next to the Dead Sea. The view over the balcony was astonishing – blue water, deep blue sky and Palestine land over the water. Sometimes the view was misty because of the heat and salt in the sea. From the first moment I could smell the salt in the air and later I have developed super sensitive skills of tasting the salt on my lips. Rubbing myself with Dead Sea mud and floating on the sea? Yes, please.

In the capital of Jordan, Amman, together with some locals I have managed to discover the white capital just before Ramadhan started. The city was ready for celebration: beautiful lights and on the streets of white Amman.

On mandatory thing to try in Amman is the Sugar Cane Juice – quite refreshing beverage, and it is a yummy treat!


My personal experience as a girl in Amman was very weird. Even though my green hair was put together, and I was wearing a long blue skirt, a totally normal t-shirt for my mind-set and my green scarf, people still looked at me very weird which made me feel quite uncomfortable.



Back home people ask me about my experience in Jordan, I answer “beautiful dusty sunsets and salt on my lips”.

Here is a short video from Jordan.

Secret song link.


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