How to plan your trip: 4 easy steps

Traveling is beautiful. Traveling is about exploring. Traveling is also research and planning. We want to share with you some traveling tips, as many people asked for it. If you are from Moldova, you have trouble planning a trip and prefer to have a low-budget for the journey, then this is the right post to read.

Decide you destination or destinations

Sometimes it is a big issue to decide where to go, especially if you never have traveled before and if you have low-budget.

Usually I prefer to choose those cities where I have friends who I can visit and catch up with or cities where I have never been.

Everyone needs a bed

This is obvious: you need a bed to sleep and rest during your trip. Yes, you will walk and explore all day and party all night, but eventually you need to recover your energy for further days.

Find an accommodation.

You can find an accommodation free of charge at your friend’s place or couchsurfing, but please check the reviews of the host all the time, to avoid unpleasant situations. If you search for free accommodation is going not too well, there is always airbnb (also check the reviews), hostels and hotels.

I am not getting there by foot

In EU countries there are a lot of low-cost flights within the region. From Moldova it is more complicated to find low-cost. Yes, we have few flights from Chisinau to Italy and the UK with wizzair, but the prices are almost the same with the normal flights (starting from 60 euros to 160 euros and more).

Don’t worry, there are possibilities to go low-cost anywhere, sometimes it might take more time.

  • Check in advance tickets to the places you want to go. But don’t focus just on *that* city. Look at the map and check what big or small airports are around. There is a good chance to find a cheap flight to the nearest airport of your destination.
    For us, people who live in Moldova would be the best to fly from Chisinau International Airport or from Bucharest.

For flight from Chisinau and Bucharest check

For flights from Bucharest check ,

Some useful search tools: and

  • The bus or minibus is an option too. Check the bus station (north, center, and south) for more details for your route.
  • If you are on Facebook, you must check “Cine are drum spre”  group which will help you to find a cheaper ride to Romania (usually to Iasi and Bucharest and from there you can take a plane) or even to Italy, Germany, etc.
  • com is also an option for close cities (to Romania, Ukraine, etc.)
  • Don’t take trains from Moldova. It takes a long time to arrive somewhere.

 Pack your bag and vjjjjjjjjjjj

All you need to do now is pack your bag and you are ready to go. Don’t forget about cash money and your credit card.

More about how to pack your bag with the necessary items will be listed  in the next post.

And now start planning for the end of summer, for autumn or even the spring.






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