Summer escape

September is over and no more sandals and skirts (without tights) in Moldova.

For 2 weeks warm jackets and boots were my best friends and today, as the last day of September, it is sunny, warm and beautiful. I remembered my beautiful weekend in Odessa, Ukraine and this is why I decided to write a little post.

If you ever get tired and bored of you city or you don’t know what do to during a weekend, then pack your backpack and go-go-go to the neighbor country and visit a city from there, or go to another big city in your country.

During summer 2016 I felt that I need to go back to Odessa in Ukraine and it is definitely the perfect city to organize an escape the routine (close to home).

So many cafes, little parks and cute cats all over the city. As I said it’s a perfect escape (for me).

If and when you get there, don’t forget to take a walk to the КАК ЕСТЬ cafe and eat some yummy borscht.

Now I am going to enjoy the rest of this beautiful day!


Published by Irinelu Iacoban

Moldoveancă. Rătăcitoare. Pasăre călătoare.

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