Online Diary, day 1

I love experiments and 5 minutes ago I decided to try something that I’ve never done before. When I was younger, I had a little notebook where I was  writing everything that was going on with me, bad and good things and most of them were tragic because at my 12 everything was about exploring, understanding and dramatizing. After my 17, I started to share my moments and my fiction stories with an electronic document.

Yes, I am talking about keeping a diary and  today I still keep one, but more with stories of people I know, hoping that one day I can have my own little book with my little stories. My experiment is to keep an online diary for a week where I will share my day, moments and adventure (warning! it may contain information about alcohol) . This will be so hard and complicated, but I will try my best, in the end, this is just an experiment.

Day one, here it goes.

My day started with the image of my cat right in my face. Momochan was observing how I was sleeping. To understand it right, the last 4 months I wake up every day like this. Then, water, lemon, ginger and honey – good to go for a working Monday.
Working today was impossible, because of the gas leak in the office. Basically, we wanted to heat the office and almost ended up in a grill. Besides the fact that I was not able to work inside because of the smell, and outside because of the cold, I ended up with a nice headache for the whole evening.

On my way home (usually I walk), I decided to call my dearest friend and invite her over a coffee. The weather was not so bad for walking and drinking a coffee at a terrace. While waiting for her in the park, I managed to take a very nice selfie which became my fall’16 profile photo on facebook ( see the picture down below: I am very serious and focused on life meaning).
We had the coffee at an empty terrace (this was the best moment of the day), went home, fed and played with Momochan, finished some of my tasks and  now I am writing the report of my day, here.

Now: shower, to finish my book and sleep, because tomorrow again work-work-work-work-work ( I hope you  sang these 5 of work with Rihanna’s song).

Până mâine.

Noapte bună,



Music treat from my favorite Portuguesse band:  

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