Online Diary, day 2

You know the moment when you wake up because your body is  tense and this feeling is not letting you go for a while? This is how I woke up today. Brrrr. Some will blame the weather, I blame my “before sleep thoughts”.

Today was rainy and warm. I left the house so fast that I forgot I need an umbrella. Traffic-traffic-traffic. Chisinau loves traffic, doesn’t matter what: snow, rain or heat. If you get in traffic in Chisinau and it’s none of the mentioned above, then it mean that some smart ass had an accident on purpose. Anyway, when it is raining, the city is numb and everything is very slow.

At the office we have a black cat (a she) with huge eyes and long tail. She runs away every time I try to pet her. My mission (for new 2 months) is to become friends.

So, I left early and didn’t manage to eat anything. When I’ve got to the office, I have my usual coffee. And from that moment, my brain went yuhu and my whole body was shaking like crazy: it’s impossible to focus on work, it’s impossible to think, it’s impossible to stay in place. Lesson learnt- Irina, never drink coffee on empty stomach.

Half of the way home I walked because of the traffic, in the rain without an umbrella. All this walking I could’ve use to catch some pokemon, but I prefer to do this on a dry weather.

Tomorrow more rain.

I love Autumn.


 Tonight’s soul treat is my favorite song from a Moldovan band. (iacoban listened to this song more than 5000 times): 

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