Online Diary, day 3

“Where am I? I don’t know where I am..I am a human! I am not a dalek, I am a human, I am not a dalek”. I love the daleks. They are so cute, adorable, talking with a funny voice and they are the worst in the whole universe, because they want destruction and they want the darkness in the whole universe. If you ever watch Doctor Who, then you know what I am talking about. Give me a TARDIS  and you’ll never see me again. Off for universe adventures.

While I will find my TARDIS, I need to survive one more day of heavy rain. Yes, more rain today, more traffic and a lot of swearing. This is normal during during these days. Wait for PMS 😀

I slept bad and I can’t remember when was the last time I had a good sleep, my body is in pain, but as long as it doesn’t affect my productivity, it is totally ok.

At 9am, I had a meeting on the other side of the city which was followed by 3 more location on totally different side of the city. All I had was my umbrella and my co-worker who made these tasks more fun. My purple umbrella is half broken and I still keep it because it’s useful and I feel safe under it. Sometimes it turns like crazy and I swear – not complaining .

After 3 hours of driving in the rain, it was time to go to the office. After 10 minutes in the office, someone from my colleagues saw my umbrella and asked laughing “whose is that destroyed umbrella” and continued to laugh out loud. what? What? WHAT? I like my things. I keep them until they are totally destroyed and impossible to repair. I like to save money for other causes. Whatever. Humans and their money.  You can do whatever you want with your money: spend it on lunches in fancy places, use taxi every day, buy expensive clothes, buy the last model of umbrella and/ or wipe the sweat from your forehead. Oho, ce m-am încălzit.

I had one coffee, two coffee, three coffee…and I lost control on my thoughts and energy. I can’t focus on my tasks, I get lost in time…but I have decided  to change something  – to give up on coffee, from tomorrow, maybe.

Miss Iacoban got home late and the sleep is catching her. Going now to hug my 4 kg of happiness – Momochan.

Hai, nani.


Soul medicine: in here.


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