Soviet bunker in Moldova

Spring 2017 was so disturbed that I still keep my coat nearby in the fear of the cold.

March was getting warm, April was giving hope for great weather until the snow fell and destroyed many trees and now May is playing around with +25 one day, and +15 with rain the next day. Google weather says next week it is going to be great and there is no time to stay home and be lazy on the weekends.


I like traveling abroad, sure, who doesn’t? But I realized that I’ve never saw much of my own country, except some close by places which are touristic. And a new goal appear for me and this blog to get back to live: every weekend somewhere but lazy at home.

From now on, I will discover something new for me and share with you. Here we go.

What is Moldova hiding deep into the forests?

Location: Oliscani village, Soldanesti district.

One of the things is Object 1180, an abandoned soviet bunker site – which was supposed to be the military command center, designed to protect its residents from a nuclear radiation.



The construction of the operation site started around 1985 as an alternate command post to the Warsaw Pact countries and abandoned when the Soviet Union collapsed. It was never finished.

The site includes: center office buildings (today most of it is destroyed), a military parade ground and two bunkers.

The bunker is composed of two identical buildings of concrete and steel with 36 m in diameter (some says 3 buildings, but it is not true) which descend into the ground for around 60 m or 12 levels. These two bunkers are connected by a network of tunnels.

It is know that there are similar construction in Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaijan and Belarus.


How to get there?

From North bus station you can take a bus to Soldanesti, then to the Oliscani village. From there you can take a walk through the village, then forest (there are few paths which would help you).

Or if you have a car, follow the GPS and when you turn from the main road to the left (the road leading to the forest) drive for the next 100m and then pull over on the right side. You might need to walk to the site.

The problem is the road from the forest which is composed of 3 blocks of concrete in width and after the first 100 m, the middle line of concrete is missing, resulting a big problem to get further with the car. Plus, the branches will be an issue, too.

chisinau oliscani

What would I need?

  • Take the car, not the bus.

If you plan a little adventure in the bunkers and on the way back home, then a car would be much better as you would need more items to take with you.

  • Comfortable shoes and clothes + rain boots and flashlight

If you want to explore the bunkers you will need everything I mentioned above. The upper floor is ok, interesting, some rooms are dark as night and the floor is wet. In order to go to the next floor, you might need to climb near the outside wall. The stairs were destroyed – unknown reason.

Please be careful because if you fall, the ending will not be nice.

  • Money

[update: January 2020]

Some of my friends went to the location last summer (2019) and they said there was no guard or dogs to keep the place safe from strangers. I do not know the situation at this moment.

The site territory is not a public place. Since 2004 it is private and it is impossible to get near the bunkers without being seen. No fence or video security, but there are dogs and a security guy who will not allow you to get inside, even at the first floor. If he doesn’t asks for money, you might suggest him this idea. I think 30 lei will be enough (1,5 euro). It is worth it.


On the way back home, don’t forget to stop somewhere for a picnic with a beautiful view of Moldovan hills.


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