When in Paris

They call it the city of love. I would call it the city of great walks and nice parks. Paris.


Someone told me once “If you are going to Paris, you should go with your significant one – because it is romantic and the love is in the air”.  Air is not static, let’s say it travels. Love is everywhere, and the romance too.

I went by myself and I would confirm that it is amazing to enjoy this city even without a partner. I walked so much, found different nice spots to enjoy my lunch/snacks and walked in all shops I saw.

I was not planning at all to go to Paris, but there was a dream of mine for the city – coffee, croissant, black beret,  a cigarette and a nice view. Been there – done that.


A place you must see in Paris is Louvre Museum. If you planning to visit the museum, find some tips:

  • you need to be rested before you go there – you will need minim 3 hours to see the place. I was rested but 4 hours for me was too much because the museum is so big. Actually, I got lost few times and the map didn’t help me much. And in the end I was destroyed – my feet were refusing to walk  ( and  I didn’t manage to see all rooms).
  • everyday but Tuesday – make sure that the museum is open the day you plan to visit.
  • if you under 25 years old – you can enter free of charge. Check it before you plan your visit.




Parks – small, big and beautiful ones.

What I like about this – there is a perfect balance between the architecture and green areas. If you are tired of car noise and want to escape it – there is a park nearby by default.



Something about the city creeped me out – the monuments and statues. It’s amazing that the Parisian culture has the accent on these beautiful statues, but I watched Doctor Who and the scariest enemy of the universe were or still are the Weeping Angels (if you watch the show, you know what I am talking about). So, the most of the moments has the figure of the man, woman and baby. The man is protecting them, the woman is crying and the child either is crying or is killing one of the parents. Really creepy. If you google if, you might find really disturbing statues.


Done with Paris.



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