Gerar Fest- a festival of Moldovan winter traditions

Gerar Fest was the last event of this season to enjoy the winter traditions of Moldovan culture. It took place on 27th of January at the Mileștii Mici Winery (yes, that one, which holds the Guinness Record for the biggest wine collection in the world).


More than 130 national artists from 8 districts of Moldova (from the south, center and north) presented the most beautiful winter traditions of my country. On the stage, during 6 hours, artistic performed  malanca, carols and theatrical games. Besides the program on stage, we had the most beautiful parade of winter traditions throughout Moldova.


At ˝izvărăria˝ point we got a stunning ceramic cup with tradition painted elements on it and 3 coupons. With those we tried 3 types of mulled wine from all 3 regions of Moldova. I voted for *izvarul de la sud* = south mulled wine, because it had a perfect balance of sweet and spicy.


Besides all the activities under the clear sky, we visited the largest collection of wines in the world from the cellars of the “Mileştii Mici”  Winery.


Published by Irinelu Iacoban

Moldoveancă. Rătăcitoare. Pasăre călătoare.

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