HIKING IN MOLDOVA: Duruitoarea Veche

Moldova doesn’t have mountains and seasides.

Moldova has incredibly beautiful hills, nature and very kind people. The best way to explore Moldova is to leave urban areas and experience the authentic life in the village. Less wi-fi, sometimes bad phone connection but it is worth it.

When was the last time you left the noise of the city, all worries and problems behind and went into the unknown?

Well, last week, I discovered a place full of magic. And if you want to experience Moldovan Hiking, this place is a good option.

Today we are talking about Costesti Lake and its surroundings.

You might want to start at Duruitoarea Veche. At Duruita Camping you can book either a little cabin (200MDL per night), a room in the house, rent or take your tent. Enjoy a traditional dinner (zeamă, mămăligă, plăcinte, home-made wine), play the guitar at the bonfire and relish the deep clean sky, try to find some constellations and do not fall asleep on the grass cause some foxes may visit you 🙂

Start the day with a tasty breakfast and go for a 2-hour hike around Duruitoare Veche Village. Up from the village on the cliff then down to the river and lake. If you are more adventurous and good with the heat, you may try a longer walk, as we did, 18 km, from Duruitoare Veche to Varatic village.

The nature of that area is incredible and very therapeutic as you will find many herbs and plants. The place is peaceful and full of natural energy.


If you have a car, it is very easy. Set your GPS coordinates to THIS PLACE. It will take you around 3 hours.

If you take public transportation, then you will leave from the North Bus Station for direction Duruitoarea Veche or Costești (Râșcani). Be aware that in Moldova we have a few villages with Costești name. Make sure you are heading toward the one in Râșcani.

If anyone reading this is planning to head there and need more information or some support, feel free to contact me.

Published by Irinelu Iacoban

Moldoveancă. Rătăcitoare. Pasăre călătoare.

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