Sweet 2020: ups and downs, and it is only May

It is only may and I bet everyone is fed up with 2020.

Despite the situation, the lock down has been an interesting experience, as those when we want to take a break from social media or after having tough times at work we say that we would do anything just to stay away from people, stay inside to recover ourselves. Well, here it is. What good have you done during the quarantine?

This post is more of an observation then educational 🙂

In Moldova the quarantine started on March 16th. I think it was a bit earlier than most of worlds countries (except China and Italy) and during that week there was nothing on internet on how to cope with self isolation. But in a short time when everybody went in quarantine the internet was overdosed with articles and tips&tricks on how to protect yourself and others, how to wash hands and how to REINVENT & DISCOVER YOURSELF.

So, did any of you reinvented or discovered any skills except cooking? 😀

All I did was trying to read a book but failed every time. Instead I managed to practice more yoga that I did before, drank more wine, spend less money (except ordering groceries online) and started writing (yes, soon more text to come from past experiences and future plans).

In Moldova the state of emergency comes to an end on May 15th, but many restrictions were lifted last week. From the window have noticed how everyone is walking down the street with no marks or distances between each other and other very unsafe situations which I better do not mention.

Something to think about during the weekend: what good have you done during the past 7-8 weeks of quarantine? Just think about it.

Cheers and have a sunny weekend ❤

Published by Irinelu Iacoban

Moldoveancă. Rătăcitoare. Pasăre călătoare.

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