Tipova village and surroundings

If you google places to visit in Moldova Țipova will come up for sure

Only 95 km away from Chisinau, Tipova hides incredible historical and natural gems: a tiny traditional village, a cave monastery founded in 10th-12th centuries (many sources indicate different years of its foundation) and the landscape reservation.

The Village

Small, adorable and colorful. Moldova has many lovely villages that managed to keep that authentic vibe and Tipova is one of those. Narrow streets, colorful gates and fences and lots of friendly animals. Also, at the edge of the village, there is a church which is popular and brings most of the people. However, you got there so much more than just a church.

The Cave Monastery

It is considered the largest Orthodox cave monastery in Moldova, considered one of the largest in Europe. The monastery consists of three religious chambers and monastic cells linked by precarious steps built into the rock face. It is very easy to get there. From the parking lot follow the signs down the stairs carefully and you will find yourself in a different dimension. If I am not mistaken there is a entrance fee, so better have some cash with you.

The Reservation

Save a few hours for a beautiful walk! After the cave monastery you can take the path to the reservation and enjoy the nature. Be cautious of the snakes. There are many warning signs, however, I saw snakes in there just once, like 20 years ago.

Next to the parking lot you can find the general map of the area and the hiking routes. Also, from there a beautiful landscape opens up over Nistru river and Popencu village.

At the end of the routes, the reward are several waterfalls that Moldova is proud of.

On the way to the village and back, from the main road, several lavender fields catch your eye and you simply cannot skip it.

A throw back to Duruitoarea

Therapeutic 💚 that’s what this place should be called.

About Duruitoarea I wrote in this post, but I miss that place so much that have decided to refresh things over here.

Maybe after reading both posts, you will add this place to your “Places to see in Moldova” list for your next trip.
Do you remember the song “What does the fox say”? Well, my first visit to Duruitoare Veche village was unforgettable. Our host was Duruita, a lovely camping site at the foot of the cliffs.
We were welcomed with traditional soup, called zeamă, with traditional polenta, called mămăligă, and of course with some home-made wine. We sat by the fire under the starry sky and sang a lot until the cold of the June nights sent us to sleep.

Even if our host had proper accommodation, we were determined to spend our night in tents. And here the fox approached the camping site and sang all night. We got the answer to the question “What does the fox say?”.

What can you do in Duruitoarea? Besides laying on the grass and enjoying the fresh air and a stunning view over the cliffs, in Duruitoare you can put to work your muscles, in case you like the active type of vacation.
You start from Duruitoarea, going up the hill where you can savour a unique panorama over the Prut river and the Costești accumulation lake.
Why therapeutic? The vegetation there, on the hill, is very diverse, and the result of their cohabitation is phenomenal and even “healing”.

From Duruitoare, go down through the valley to the river, walk on the lakeshore, the quarry area and then stretch your muscles for another beautiful hill with a view over Văratic.
It has been almost a year since then, and I can not wait to go back there!. I hope the fox didn’t go hungry last winter.

Stay safe!


Sweet 2020: ups and downs, and it is only May

It is only may and I bet everyone is fed up with 2020.

Despite the situation, the lock down has been an interesting experience, as those when we want to take a break from social media or after having tough times at work we say that we would do anything just to stay away from people, stay inside to recover ourselves. Well, here it is. What good have you done during the quarantine?

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HIKING IN MOLDOVA: Duruitoarea Veche

Moldova doesn’t have mountains and seaside.

Moldova has incredibly beautiful hills, nature and very kind people. The best way to explore Moldova is to leave urban areas and experience the authentic life in the village. Less wi-fi, sometimes bad phone connection but it is worth it.

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