First stop: minus 20 degrees or Lviv

My first winter trip was an unusual experience. The route was set very randomly, but the important point was to arrive in Leszno, Poland. I always go back to this town because there are so many great people that changed me.

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Prague Getaway

Chances are for taking them. That is exactly what we did in August 2013, during my EVS project in Poland. After 3 days at Woodstock, we came back to Leszno and said ” let’s buy tickets for Prague for tomorrow morning”. So, we did it. Next day we left early morning for train to Wroclaw from where we had polskibus to Prague.Continue reading “Prague Getaway”

About Easter time

This  Easter (2014) was the first one that I didn’t spend it with  my family. Instead, I experienced something new, called Catholic Easter in a Polish family. There are not so many differences between Orthodox and Catholic Easter, but still the one can feel it. It’s an amazing thing that in Poland you can find different sweets that are cooked only in Easter time, like Mazurek that can be in different shapes, but I had the chance to taste one of the best Mazurek ever, with a lot of fruits, and Babka Wielkanocna, whici looks like Pasca Moldoveneasca, but it can be cooked in different ways again (3rd picture are both). I was quite wondered that babka wielkanocna can be cooked with mayonnaise and in result you can’t really taste the mayonnaise.

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