Soviet bunker in Moldova

Spring 2017 was so disturbed that I still keep my coat nearby in the fear of the cold.

March was getting warm, April was giving hope for great weather until the snow fell and destroyed many trees and now May is playing around with +25 one day, and +15 with rain the next day. Google weather says next week it is going to be great and there is no time to stay home and be lazy on the weekends.

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Reasons to attend Underland Fest in Moldova

If you don’t have any plans for the next week, then buy a ticket to Chisinau and come to Underland Wine and Music Fest which will take place on 18th of February.

And here are few reasons why you must be part of the legend:

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Getting ready for winter

Hello dear friends, how is going? Hope that no one is frozen with all these under zero degrees.

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