Getting ready for winter

Hello dear friends, how is going? Hope that no one is frozen with all these under zero degrees.

Coming back to our page after few months is very refreshing. No, we didn’t finish this project, we are still here. The only issue that we are facing is lack of time to collect our memories and write them down because everyone besides traveling is working full-time.Continue reading “Getting ready for winter”

Experiment failed

It’s so easy to lose track of time.

Recently, I started a seven day experiment so called  “online journal” where I was supposed to write how my days were going and what was happening. I managed to get to few days and that was all. Even this post was started 4 days ago (just the first sentence).I guess the fall is working at its best, sucking up the energy and motivation.


Secret song here



Events you must attend in September (in Moldova)

Summer is over and now the season of perfect outdoors events is here. Fall is our favorite season because everything changes, emotionally and physical.
If you are coming in Moldova this fall and want to discover Moldovan life, here are some events that you #must attend without hesitation.Continue reading “Events you must attend in September (in Moldova)”