Online Diary, day 2

You know the moment when you wake up because your body is  tense and this feeling is not letting you go for a while? This is how I woke up today. Brrrr. Some will blame the weather, I blame my “before sleep thoughts”.

How to plan your trip: 4 easy steps

Traveling is beautiful. Traveling is about exploring. Traveling is also research and planning. We want to share with you some traveling tips, as many people asked for it. If you are from Moldova, you have trouble planning a trip and prefer to have a low-budget for the journey, then this is the right post to read.

The first Sunday of April

What a day! Everything started with the sun rising up in the morning. Today people from Moldova have enjoyed sunshine, trees in blossom and a clean, blue sky. Besides cars engine and people talking there was a sound that I have missed so much which is the birds’ chirping. I used to live near the…

Story I: unexpected hitchhiker

I am writing about this story because it is in my head the second day and I can’t get it out. Yesterday, after doing some things in the city, meeting up with my girl friends and after a nice dinner, we were headed home. we took the same route and when almost got into the…