When in Paris

They call it the city of love. I would call it the city of great walks and nice parks. Paris.

Summer escape

September is over and no more sandals and skirts (without tights) in Moldova. For 2 weeks warm jackets and boots were my best friends and today, as the last day of September, it is sunny, warm and beautiful. I remembered my beautiful weekend in Odessa, Ukraine and this is why I decided to write a little…

Photo-post of intercultural trip to Switzerland

Photo-post It’s been one year since my trip to Switzerland. No, I would never go Switzerland to enjoy the view just because I have too much  free time. Excuse me, but the prices in there are like “whooo-hoo” and moldavian salaries are like “buuu-huu”. Thanks to an intercultural exchange for children, I had the opportunity…

Odessa Through Nexus5 Lens

April is beautiful and warm. It is very sad to stay home on the weekend with +27 C outside. A spontaneous idea occurred to us on a late Saturday evening, to go to the seaside. The closest one being around 3 hours away, in Odessa, Ukraine. We really love our spontaneity.