How it started

We are back! I guess this is the first thing that we should say before even starting telling you about everything. If it is confusing, then keep reading. Soon the unknowledgeable clouds will disappear.

Basilicata leaves you speechless

Matera is a hell of a city. You know the feeling when a person is messing with your head and you fall in love with that person? This is how I feel about Matera, even now, after 4 months. In august had the chance to visit this amazing city. First thing when we arrived there,…

Italy: Venice or Venezia

17.02.2014 Venice or Venezia – so beautiful when you search it on google images. Even though all photos are edited at maximum, it’s still beautiful when you get there. All those little tiny streets and more than 400 beautiful bridges make you wanna stay there for as long as you can.

Italy: rainy Lecco

16.02.2014 Day of our reunion. During our short stay in Italy, we managed to go and see a beautiful town- called Lecco. Of course, it was raining – february without rain in northern Italy? No way! Not complaining at all. It was beautiful to walk and to enjoy the lake view in the light rain.