Tipova village and surroundings

If you google places to visit in Moldova Čšipova will come up for sure Only 95 km away from Chisinau, Tipova hides incredible historical and natural gems: a tiny traditional village, a cave monastery founded in 10th-12th centuries (many sources indicate different years of its foundation) and the landscape reservation.

Sweet 2020: ups and downs, and it is only May

It is only may and I bet everyone is fed up with 2020. Despite the situation, the lock down has been an interesting experience, as those when we want to take a break from social media or after having tough times at work we say that we would do anything just to stay away fromContinue reading “Sweet 2020: ups and downs, and it is only May”

HIKING IN MOLDOVA: Duruitoarea Veche

Moldova doesn’t have mountains and seasides. Moldova has incredibly beautiful hills, nature and very kind people. The best way to explore Moldova is to leave urban areas and experience the authentic life in the village. Less wi-fi, sometimes bad phone connection but it is worth it.