HIKING IN MOLDOVA: Duruitoarea Veche

Moldova doesn’t have mountains and seaside. Moldova has incredibly beautiful hills, nature and very kind people. The best way to explore Moldova is to leave urban areas and experience the authentic life in the village. Less wi-fi, sometimes bad phone connection but it is worth it. When was the last time when you left the…

Colors of autumn

My favorite season, yet the most depressing and confusing one is autumn. This beautiful transition from the impossible heat to the cold winter, the change of the color palette and change of the clothes to cozy ones. September is the next 30 days of easy summer where you still daydream about those days where you…

Gerar Fest- a festival of Moldovan winter traditions

Gerar Fest was the last event of this season to enjoy the winter traditions of Moldovan culture. It took place on 27th of January at the MileΘ™tii Mici Winery (yes, that one, which holds the Guinness Record for the biggest wine collection in the world).

When in Paris

They call it the city of love. I would call it the city of great walks and nice parks. Paris.