Warsaw: where should I go tonight?

Can’t stay in one place for too much time. After coming back from my Poland-Italy February trip, I managed to write last exams before the internship that we must do for the Bachelor degree. And right after the last exam I packed and went back. Guess where? Right, Poland. Right, Warsaw. And this time forContinue reading “Warsaw: where should I go tonight?”

Warsaw: day III

Łazienki Park is another fantastic place to be visited in Warsaw. I recommend to go away there during summer time, because everything is phenomenal: it is green, a lot of flowers, birds, historical places and monuments – simply a colorful park and incidentally the largest park in the city that occupies 76 hectares of theContinue reading “Warsaw: day III”

Warsaw: day II

2.02.2014 The 2nd day in Warsaw had a solid plan. All the places we visited were very random and pretty cool. The day looks like: 1. Visit a bunker used during the Cold War, which is a less touristic place in Warsaw. 2. Visit Powazki cemetery which is one of the oldest cemeteries in theContinue reading “Warsaw: day II”