Getting ready for winter

Hello dear friends, how is going? Hope that no one is frozen with all these under zero degrees. Coming back to our page after few months is very refreshing. No, we didn’t finish this project, we are still here. The only issue that we are facing is lack of time to collect our memories andContinue reading “Getting ready for winter”

Day one: Lviv

Вітаю! On the cold night of 3rd of January, two travelers started their trip: Chisinau-Lviv. This journey took us around 12 hours with the bus and 21,5 euro per person. Indeed, you may find buses that will get to Lviv in 8-10 hours, all you need is to ask about this when you buy theContinue reading “Day one: Lviv”

Warsaw: day II

2.02.2014 The 2nd day in Warsaw had a solid plan. All the places we visited were very random and pretty cool. The day looks like: 1. Visit a bunker used during the Cold War, which is a less touristic place in Warsaw. 2. Visit Powazki cemetery which is one of the oldest cemeteries in theContinue reading “Warsaw: day II”