Odessa Through Nexus5 Lens

April is beautiful and warm. It is very sad to stay home on the weekend with +27 C outside. A spontaneous idea occurred to us on a late Saturday evening, to go to the seaside. The closest one being around 3 hours away, in Odessa, Ukraine. We really love our spontaneity.

A trip to Bulgaria, November 2015

Last November I had the opportunity to discover the neighborhood of Moldova. I know that Bulgaria is not a neighbor with adjoining border, but both Moldova and Bulgaria are in the South-Eastern Europe. I’ve got this opportunity primarily because of my involvement in Y-PEER Moldova.

Short view over Lviv

I guess that Lviv in January is not the best idea. Two years ago when I was traveling there, I told myself “never again during winter time”, but here I am. And this time Lviv met us (my friend Nata and I) with -15 degrees and harsh frost. As right now I am traveling it’s…

Travel for life blog: soon

Earlier, in December, together with my friend Natalia, we decided to open a page on facebook (Travel for life blog) where we can share our stories and adventure. Tomorrow our first adventure begins.